GFG-8255A Genertor (5 MHz)

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Vrobce: Tecpel co., ltd.

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10700,- K
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GFG-8255A (5 MHz)
Function Generator
1. Frequency RangeG0.5Hz ~ 5MHz
2. WaveformsGSine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, TTL and CMOS Output
3. External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) Function
4. Duty Cycle Controlled with Signal Inversion Capability
5. Variable DC Offset Control
6. Two-Step (-20dB x 2) and Variable Attenuator
7. Built-in 6 Digit Counter with INT./EXT. Function up to 150MHz / high resolution
8. INT./EXT. AM/FM Modulation
9. LIN/LOG Sweep Mode
10. GCV Output for ynchronization
Frequency Range 0.5Hz to 5 MHz (7 ranges)
Amplitude >10Vp-p (into 50[ load)
Impedance 50[ +10%
Attenuator -20dB+1dB x 2
DC Offset 5V (into 50[ load)
Duty Control 80% : 20% : 80% to 1MHz Continue variable
Display 6 digit LED display
Sine Wave
Distortion <1%, 0.5Hz ~ 100kHz
Flatness <0.3dB, below 500kHzF <1dB, below 5MHz
Triangle Wave
Linear >98%, 0.5Hz ~ 100kHzF >95%, 100kHz ~ 5MHz
Square Wave
Symmetry +2%, 1Hz ~ 100kHz
Rise or Fall Time < 50nS at maximum output (into 50[ load)
CMOS Output
Level 4Vpp+1Vpp ~ 14.5Vpp+0.5Vpp adjustable
Rise or Fall Time <120nS
TTL Output
Level >3Vpp
Fan Out 20 TTL load
Rise/Fall Time <25nS
Input Voltage 0V~10V 1V(100 : 1)
Input Impedance 10k[ 10%
Output Voltage To set the voltage between 0V ~ 2V as per different frequency
Sweep Operation
Sweep/Manual Switch selector
Sweep/Rate 100 : 1 ratio max. and adjustable
Sweep/Time 0.5sec. ~ 30sec. adjustable
Sweep/Mode Lin./Log. switch selector
Amplitude Modulation
Depth 0 ~ 100%
MOD. Frequency 400Hz (INT), DC ~ 1MHz(EXT)
Carrier BW 100Hz ~ 5MHz (-3dB)
EXT Sensitivity <10Vpp for 100% modulation
Frequency Modulation
Deviation 0 ~ + 5%
MOD. Frequency 400Hz(INT), DC ~ 20kHz(EXT.)
EXT. Sensitivity <10Vpp for 10% modulation
Frequency Counter
INT./EXT. Switch selector
Range 0.5Hz ~ 5MHz (5Hz ~ 150MHz EXT.)
Accuracy Timebase accuracy 1 Count
Timebase 20ppm (23XC5XC) after 30 minutes warm up
Resolution The maximum resolution is 100nHz for 1Hz and 1Hz for 100MHz
Input Impedance 1M[//150pF
Sensitivity <35mVrms (5Hz ~ 100MHz)F< 45mVrms (100MHz ~ 150MHz)
Power Source AC 115V/230V15%, 50/60Hz
Accessories: Power cord 1, Instruction manual 1, GTL-101 2
Dimensions & Weight 251(W) 91(H) 291(D) mm, Approx. 2.4kg

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